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Exotic Sweden with B&B

Överkalix - Moose Farm!
The lake Båven
Dalarna - the Original

Överkalix - Moose Farm!

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Moose & Perch!

We invite You to the east corner of The Swedish Lapland!
To a small village called Overkalix where you can stay at Sture & Katarinas house - Jakobgarden. Here You can meet a moose or catch a perch!
From Jakobgarden you have several things in summertime to explore such as Rokkas moose farm 20 min by car. Sture could drive you there. Highlights - scratch Arthur, the moose!
Enjoy a real lapish meal with renskav adn mashed potatoes.

Watch the movie about Rokkas Reindeer Farm on YouTube

Why not try a fishing tour with Sture! Explore the nature. Listen to the silence. Just enjoy the Nordic Light!   

Bed & Breakfast (1)

VVEÖK1   Jakobgarden Boheden
About the house
A charming old house in original Swedish style! with 6 beds in 4 rooms.
2 double bedrooms, one upstairs and one downstairs. 2 single bedrooms. One shower, one WC!
Large equipped kitchen downstairs with a nice diningtable. 
Fridge and freezer. Washing machine. WIFI.  

Your hostcouple Sture & Katarina will do their most to get you a life experience of The Swedish Lapland! Do not miss to taste Katarinas delicious food. She can offer you an unforgetable dinner to an affordable price! 
To explore from Jakobsgarden:
  • Moose farm - Rokkas
  • River tour by motorboat or by raft
  • Pick berries, mushroom or flowers (July-sept) 
  • Fishing!
  • Hiking in the wilderness
  • See The Northern light
  • or just enjoy The Silence
Suggestions how to use your time

3 days tour
Day 1
  - Sture could take you to Rokkas farm , 20 min away. At Rokkas you will meet the mooses, scratch and "talk" to them. You are also invited to enjoy a genuine Lapish lunch.

Day 2 -  A day for fishing. Many of our guests have caught a perch or pike. You can rent a motorboat or Sture can take you out with the special built raft !

Day 3 - Hiking and picking berries. You can explore by yourself or Katarina will guide you to her favourite places.


350 SEK
/ person/night
300 SEK / person/night if a minimum of 4 person

Incl bedlinen /towels
Self catering.

Rokkas visit:
700 SEK/car (max 4p)
Moose farm: 100 SEK/pers/ Children (aged 6-12) 50 SEK
Lunch: 85 SEK/pers/ children 50 SEK

Rent of motorboat: 300 SEK for a day, 4 seats
Guided tours on the river incl fishing - 1590 SEK/half a day, max 6 p
Guided tours for hiking or picking berries/mushroom - 1875 SEK, max 6 p SEK/halv a day.

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Map »        Make a preliminary booking »

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